A new breed of sock has arrived

The Socks

The CR7 Sock


the CR7 sock
Starting at $11
  1. Single braided sock
  2. Extra flimsy toe guard
  3. Over 30% material impurities
  4. Custom CR7 design
  5. Most orphans who worked on design still unpaid

The Tri Sock


The Tri Sock
Starting at $11
  1. Triple braided sock weave
  2. 100% cotton
  3. 25% extra silk (125% total)
  4. Personally despised by CR7
  5. 3 orphans developed cancer during making of sock

The Azore


The Azore
Starting at $14
  1. Inconsistent sock braiding
  2. Untested performance usage
  3. Some toxic chemicals present in color dye
  4. Custom CR7 design
  5. Some design components stolen from rival designers

These girls can't stop staring at the new socks.

potential babes
But they can stop staring at you.